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Since 2009 Taqueria Taxco, founded by Monica Reza, has become one of Dallas’ most popular dining destinations. As of today, Taqueria Taxco offers 21 locations extending over the Dallas Fort Worth area.


The Reserve is an extension of Taqueria Taxco by providing an elevated and authentic Mexican culinary experience to its guests. This restaurant is the culmination of partners, Monica Reza and Vivek Sharma extensive experience in concept, designing successful original restaurants in Texas.


The Reserve by Taqueria Taxco, features the most authentic “Taxco” dinner experience along with the best presentation of cocktails, offering only the best to our guests.

3 locations

At The Reserve, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the most authentic Mexican dining experience possible. With three locations throughout the DFW, we are committed to bringing the flavors of Mexico to our community. Our restaurant is well-known for its diverse and colorful dishes, ranging from classic tacos and fajitas to our delicious cocktails. Come visit us and enjoy a meal that will transport you straight to Mexico!

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